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Linnaea Bohn


Linnaea Bohn

The owner of Global Animal Transport, Mike Foley, drove my three adopted seven-year-old Pyrenean Mastiff 120 lb. sisters from a breeder in Lancaster CA to Spokane WA, 1200 miles. These 3 dogs had only been in a vehicle once in their lives: to be evacuated from one of CA’s wildfires. That was the only time they had a leash on.

It was easy to arrange the transport with both Susan and Mike. The reason I chose Mike is that he rescues and owns Boerboel Mastiffs. He can handle anything that comes up. He is used to big, strong, often stubborn dogs. He also transports large zoo animals, once picking up a gorilla in Edmonton, Canada in the winter, driving it to the US. He is also flexible, responding to the need of the dogs. I did not have that same confidence in the person who twice previously transported younger mastiffs to me because she did not have as much experience, and was not so flexible.

We set the day, and all went well. Mike called the breeder when halfway through the first of 2 days. One PM had not sat or laid down. The breeder was not alarmed. He then texted me.

Mike stopped for pee and poop opportunities, and exercise. But the girls were not leaving the van. He sent texts along the way to both me and the breeder, as well as photos. The breeder said not to be concerned, the PM would eventually tire out and lie down. It is not unusual for PMs to hold their pee and poop for more than a day when their environment changes.

At nightfall, the PM was still standing, and it made the other PMs nervous. Rather than stay in a hotel, Mike felt it better to drive until 2 am, then sleep in the front seat of the van. This way the frightened dog would get here sooner. After Mike parked the van in a safe place, the PM eventually laid down. They all slept. Mike started again about 6 am, and the PM remained down. They arrived around noon. The girls got out of the van, calm and content, gathered around me with tails wagging and lots of kisses (we had never met) and then went off to explore their new 4 acres.

Mike turned around and drove straight back to Southern CA!

When I transport any more dogs, I will choose GAT and Mike Foley.

The breeder has recommended Mike to other clients. He has driven Spanish Mastiffs from KS to NV. He has also arranged the international transport for PMs from CA to Canada and Japan. All has gone well.