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International pet shipping – How to avoid pet shipping scammers?

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International pet shipping – How to avoid pet shipping scammers?

International pet shipping – How to avoid pet shipping scammers?

Pets make our lives more fulfilling. Moreover, pets serve as a source of joy and comfort. When the world feels heavy, and nothing seems right, there is nothing like cuddling/playing with your pets. However, not everyone can become a pet parent. Many people don’t have the proper expertise and time to raise a pet. Hence, you should assess whether you can take up this responsibility before you get a pet. We wish you all the best if you think you can be a good pet parent. You have two options to become a pet parent: You can buy a pet locally or choose a pet from the international market. This is where international pet shipping comes into play. However, not all pet shipping companies are the same. Additionally, there are so many pet shipping scammers out there.

Pet shipping scams are on the rise

Like every other business, scammers also engage in pet and pet shipping scams. Pet scammers are now finding new and creative ways to fool people. They offer lucrative schemes and use fake pet pictures to establish goodwill. However, this goodwill is only an illusion. Moreover, these people do not provide pet shipping services. Instead, they rob you of your money. Hence, it has become essential to stay wary of pet shipping scammers. In addition, you need to remain mindful of a few key points to avoid online pet shipping scammers.

How to avoid pet shipping scammers?

Here are the key points that will help you avoid international pet shipping scammers:

They claim to sell puppies/kittens – If an animal transportation company claims to sell puppies/kittens, they are most likely scamming you. At Global Animal Transport, we make no such claims. Additionally, we advise you to stay wary of any other pet transportation company that makes such claims.

Pirated websites/trademarks are their best friend – Scammers love pirating websites. Moreover, they love to steal trademarks and logos. Therefore, if you see a website or receive a call from someone claiming to be from Global Animal Transport, don’t entertain them. We do not call people for shipping/selling animals and engage in any such behavior.

Untraceable payment methods – This is the most common occurrence. Scammers always use untraceable payment methods like Western Union, Bitcoin, Money Gram, or any other non-governmental payment platform. Don’t trust anyone who is asking you to send them payment through these platforms.

Global Animal Transport is firmly against pet shipping scammers. Therefore, please take caution when dealing with any animal transportation company that engages in the aforementioned key points.

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