Surgery delayed for Kabang

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On Tuesday, October 16, UC Davis VMTH issued the following statement about Kabang:

Dr. Jane Sykes conducted a press conference at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis. Dr. Sykes is the Director of the Small Animal Clinic at the VMTH.

Dr. Sykes informed the media of the following:

Kabang was brought to the UC Davis VMTH on the morning of Thursday, October 11 to be evaluated for dental and facial surgeries to fix the traumatic wounds she suffered as a result of her heroic efforts in saving two young children in her family. Our surgeons examined her oral and facial wounds, and determined that she was a good candidate for surgery, pending other evaluations of her overall health. However, full health exams and diagnostic tests have revealed a number of major health issues that will significantly delay her oral and facial surgeries. On Thursday afternoon, her blood test revealed she has heartworm disease.

On Friday, October 12, Kabang was given a chest x-ray and an echocardiogram to better assess her heartworm disease. It was determined that the disease is not too advanced, which leads to a better long-term prognosis. Heartworm is not a disease seen too often in the dry climate of California, but is fairly common in more tropical areas like the Philippines.

Also on Friday, a UC Davis veterinary internal medicine specialist completed an exam, and a vaginal tumor was discovered. Clinical pathology results have confirmed that it is a Transmissible Venereal Tumor. Although these can be aggressive tumors, fortunately for Kabang, it appears to be in a relatively early stage and may have a good prognosis for treatment and even cure. Typically, these tumors are treated with chemotherapy and have a 90% survivability rate.

Kabang’s treatment plan is being finalized to deal with the heartworm and TVT going forward. Both of these issues must be addressed before she is healthy enough for the dental and facial surgeries. That will take some time – possibly up to 6 months depending on how she responds to the treatments.

UC Davis will continue to post updates on Kabang’s condition at:

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