Thiago Boche
January 31, 2018

Global Animal Transport helped ship my cat from the US to Sydney.

Michael was great and made us feel less worried about this stressful process. Our cat arrived in Melbourne safe & sound, little hassle, and it wasn’t too expensive either

Thiago Boche

Paul & Tanya Morris
October 21, 2017

Dear Michael & Susan,

Our 4 kitties arrived at their destinations today safe and sound. We know that cats are relatively easy for you, but without your expertise we would never have found the right kennels or airlines. Your service has made our lives a whole lot easier in a difficult time. What’s more, the recipients are very happy with your service as well.

You are indeed the best! Thank you so very much for your professionalism and for taking such good care of our pets.

Paul & Tanya Morris

Viki Bambo
September 10, 2017
Hi Michael, We are so very pleased the way you handled the international transport of my 22 yr old African Grey, Mahal. from Chicago O’Hare to my country. Manila Philippines.

Carol, a very capable lady designated by Michael took care of personally boarding Mahal w UAL. She txtd me his condition on boarding and departure. She reviewed his documents thoroughly to make sure everything is complete for him to board. Michael met Mahal at LAX, LA, checked his approved kennel w his good looking picture and replenished his food and water containers. to sustain him for the 14 hr straight flight to his final destination, Manila Philippines. Michael personally supervised his boarding and gave me updates of his journey to Manila, allaying any apprehension I may have which gave me peace of mind. He even mentioned Mahal singing as he boarded him with no signs stress for his 14 hr straight flight to Manila, Philippines.

Although Mahal was not allowed to be with us in the passenger cabin, we felt he was because of the excellent personal care Michael provided. I am so happy I found Michael Foley as I did a thorough search on the internet of who could best transport my bilingual intelligent African Grey. Michael along with his very nice capable wife Susan did an unsurpassable job taking care of Mahal from document preparation to actual journey to the PHILIPPNES.

Thank you Michael and Global Animal Transport Company for having Mahal with us now, alive and well.

Rufina and Viki

Bob Bolognesi
September 4, 2017

Best experience we have ever had shipping a dog out of the country. Mike did a perfect job we couldn’t be more happy. Another successful transaction over seas thank you Mike

Von Ruelmann Rottweilers Inc

Azzaya Bat
September 4, 2017

We have used Global Animal transport 3 times now for international transport of our little fury family member. Michael is extremely helpful and very experienced within his field. He will guide you through the process and happy to answer questions if you have any type of concerns.

If you want hassle free, smooth and most importantly safe transportation of your beloved animal (international and/or domestic), Michael and Global Animal Transport is the place to go!

Highly recommend.

Suzie Schouten Bolognesi
September 1, 2017

Thanks Mike for another successful shipment over seas. You are awesome.

Rufina Patdu
September 2, 2017

Dear Michael and Susan,

Mahal is doing very well, all through your expertise in handling and managing pet ransports. You follow up on the completeness of needed documents, making sure they are done right the first time.

My sister was very impressed you were able to rebook Mahal on United Airlines from American Airlines right away without causing any delay in his travel itinerary. You are so dynamic keeping us informed of the course of his international travel, keeping us worry free. You are always reachable whenever we have questions thus allaying apprehensions we may have.

We are now and will be enjoying the company of our dear Mahal for many years to come.

Susan will not stay unmentioned in the excellence of the services you provide. She is always available receiving phone messages and transmitted to you in a timely manner

My heartfelt gratitude to you and Susan for having our dear Mahal experience togetherness and love as a family in my country. the Philippines.

We will stay in touch.

Rufina and Viki with our love as always

Cinnamon Williams
September 16, 2016

kit250I would like to send out a huge thank you to all of you! It has been a long journey for all of us and it still continues here in Kansas City. Kit has made it to her final destination and is settling down at her temporary home at animal health. Our vet still has some testing that he would like to run, but I didn’t want this day to go by without commending all of you on your dedication to get here safely. I couldn’t have done without each of you and your staff. I will keep everyone in the loop on our progress. Great job everyone and thanks again, she is beautiful!



Cinnamon Williams
Animal Curator
Kansas City Zoo

Kimberly Berlyn
September 12, 2016


Hi Mike and Wayne,

I just want to let you know that Dandy (quickly becoming known as ‘Pistol’ now) is now home with me, all thanks to your brilliantly professional combined efforts.  I picked him up from quarantine two days ago with no dramas at all.

He is wonderful, an absolutely glorious little dog who exceeds all of my expectations, definitely well worth every dollar spent, every day waited, every stress endured.  He is everything I wanted and more.  I am wildly in love with him already, and just so, so happy.  He has settled in amazingly well and quickly, and has been joyful, playful and affectionate every minute since arriving home.

There are no words to express my profound gratitude to you both for all of your hard work, patience, perseverance and professionalism to get him home.  Thank you so very much for the brilliant job you’ve done.  I am SO happy.  xx



Emily Zayas
July 7, 2016

Emily Zayas

Spoke to Mike and Susan today and let me tell you they are the best, dependable and caring people in transport industry. I am extremely grateful for all the help.





Anne Maclamore
May 24, 2016

Nikki’s safe arrival

Hi Michael,

I wanted to thank you and Susan so much for taking care of Nikki’s departure and making sure all the documents were in order. Her arrival and delivery to our B&B went smoothly apparently with ReloCat, and we found Nikki safe and sound. She is now lying in the sun in the living room and seems to have made it through the long trip with little stress. My husband said when he met you at the time we gave Nikki to you, he felt Nikki was in good hands and he did not worry. So, thanks again.

Italy is beautiful!



Susan Nilson
April 25, 2016

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to let you know that everyone arrived safe and well in Finland and they all seemed remarkably unfazed by the whole thing. Nervous dogs, frail elderly kitties – they all did great! Now they are settling in, the cats are enjoying the heated floors and the dogs have been out in the snow for the first time ever and absolutely loved it.

I wanted to thank you for all your help at making this happen and your tireless troubleshooting in what became a far more time consuming and complex case than it, presumably, ever needed to be. I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t had you there to sort out that huge bureaucratic mess and come up with alternatives at the drop of a hat and we will always be very grateful to you for that. As for Lufthansa, I am very happy with the way everything was handled. Our animals arrived in much better shape than when we shipped them from Dubai to LA on KLM six years ago.

Thanks again!

Susan & Jyrki

Lisa Clark
April 12, 2016

Hi Michael,

Charlie is here all safe and sound, I will take a couple of photos once he has eaten and toileted an put them on Facebook for you.

Thank you for the wonderful service yet again.

Lisa Clark
New Zealand

January 24, 2016


Kittu has arrived in Sydney quarantine safe & sound and has “has started to settle in”

It is a bit disappointing that visits are not allowed during her stay – I spoke to them as well. She is now in the home stretch & will be home on 25th to a grand reception.

We are forever indebted to you for looking after our girl while she was away. We will be in touch.

Thanks & hoping all is well with you,

Anu & Partho



I want to thank you for working with us to get Kittu home safe & sound. As always, your professionalism, your acute attention to detail and the genuine passion that you have for what you do, Mike, is so very much appreciated.

When it comes to the business of transporting animals Global Animal Transport is in a class all by itself — you are the best!

Warmest regards,


Ann Moore
December 18, 2015

Thunder“Thunder” is down under!

Our puppy is back with us!

He lost a little weight, but is in good spirits!!

Thank you for all your support, love and work to help get our doggie back to us!!



Dale Sherry
November 14, 2015

Dale Sherry
I am crazy for Global Animal Transport LLC & try to get the word out as often as possible about your amazing organization.

I want every animal lover and rescuers to be aware of your presence.
God bless you all.



memphis-zooMemphis Zoo
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Global Animal Transport LLC just completed a very special project for the Memphis Zoo transporting Sea Dragons.

A spokesman for Memphis Zoo said “Sea Dragons arrived in spectacular shape. Your service was seamless, as always; you are the best in the business I know.”


Terri Ducay via LinkedIn
Executive Director, UX Design E-Learning @ Cengage Learning
March 16, 2015

terri-ducayMichael is dedicated to animals and their welfare. On many occasions he has devoted his time and energy in helping rescue animals which otherwise would have been lost.

Thank you Michael for everything that you do for the animals.




Carolin Phillips
October 12, 2014

Gingey and Bouncey

Hi Michael

Well, my babies are out of kitty jail now!  Just suffering home detention.  They are pacing a little and would like to get their feet on New Zealand soil.

Not long now.

And truly, as the photo’s show, they are not suffering too much!

Madam has a new chair that she has claimed as her own:








Ginger very cuddly and content. He’s purring a lot more than the cat I remember!








Thank you for all that you did to get them here.



Annikah Brink
September 19, 2014

Annikah-BrinkThe Best Company!

Could not hire anybody better. They do an awesome job from start to finish. Your pet/animals are in the best hands with this company. 🙂




A client of ours forwarded us copies of her new puppy that we helped import from the U.K. to Oregon

Pamela Lowell Beaver May 19, 2014
This is Valentina. She is wonderful. Thank you Michael & Susan for all your help. You are welcome to put these on GAT.

Pamela Lowell Beaver
Pheasant Hill Orchard, Pear Growers since 1988

Gina Crozier. April 7, 2014

I cannot express my thanks to you enough. This has been so stressful for us and we want you to know that of everyone we have worked with on all sides of this move, from Max to the movers, Doug’s company moving us, back home our house and all, you have been the most professional, supportive and pleasant and to just wrap it all up in a nutshell, YOU ROCK! Thank you so very much. Doug told me what you were going to do for Max when you get him and I appreciate that so much.

From the bottom of my heart, Michael, Thank You! If it wasn’t for you in all this, I would have lost it a long time ago. If Max can just make it to LAX, I know he will be in good hands from there.


Shauna Summers
March 20, 2014

Ruger450Hi Mike!

Ruger is being picked up today by Vanessa Taylor from quarantine. I just want to send you very warm thanks again for all of your hard work and organization to make it happen. 🙂

Should we ever need animal transport, you are the go-to guy! I am telling everyone who asks as doing this without help could be very daunting. It was especially easier to have you deliver him to the airport so I did not get too emotional over it!


March 14, 2014


Thank you again for your assistance throughout this process. We are meeting with Janine from Stepping South today ….  I already did and will again recommend you for her to refer all of her US–based clients looking to import pets into South Africa (she works with many big US companies on relocations).

Many thanks again. Having — travel go without incident was an incredible stress reliever and we have you to thank for that.



Hello Michael,

Just wanted to follow up on email and express a HUGE thank you from myself and —–.  There is no way we would have been able to book the kennel with her traveling in cabin had it not been for your help and we will be eternally grateful!

—– did very well on the flight (spending over half the flight stretched out in a lie-flat bed…VERY spoiled).  Thank you again for everything.

Best Wishes,

Eve Elder
February 25, 2014

eve-elderI have personally used these service and highly recommend these people. Our 11 animals were moved from California to Texas (including large aquarium full of fish, Hermit crab, two Doves, three cats, dog, etc).

They all arrived in Texas in perfect shape, healthy, happy and well fed.

They were never left alone and were with the same couple at all times, day and night.



Allen, Texas

Natasha Walters
September 09, 2013

lucky1Picked up lucky!! He looks great, still had a bunch of water in his bowls and was barking loudly for the lovely women at united 😉 thank you again for your help.

You made a huge difference in this process and I will forever recommend you for anything in regards to pet travel!! Everything was so easy and your kindness and care with lucky was obvious!





James M.
August 21, 2013

I would like to give a big thanks to Global Animal Transport. I recently found a dog located at a kill shelter located in Pomona. I was devastated at the fact she only had hours to live; with me living in the SFV, I couldn’t make it in time to save her. I remembered meeting Michael and Susan a while back and mentioned they’ve rescued animals with no place to call home. Something told me to contact them; With no questions…. Michael dropped everything to make the commute, Not only did he save her; but also took Lucy to his vet for a second exam and paid for all vet cost.

Each and everyday I look into Lucy’s eyes… I am reminded of the two people that bent over backwards to make me happy.

James M.
Henderson, USA

Dieuwke Onkenhout
August 19, 2013

Daisy Laurien

Thank you for getting Daisy Laurien safely to the Netherlands. She is doing well, purring at night and exploring the garden in Amsterdam during the day. Thank you for going out of you way in a very hard situation.

With blessings from Amsterdam.

Angie Diehl
July 30, 2013

Passion loves Michael Foley of Global Animal Transport; and so do we at Nysa Hill. Global has a wonderful reputation with marine mammals, apes, birds and delicate creatures of all kinds. Highly recommend them.

Doc Grable
July 28, 2013

These guys are awesome! They transported my sister’s 900 lb (8lb) Chiweener and a sweet Basanji from San Diego to JAPAN!

Amanda Rebar
May 19, 2013

Hi Michael,

We’ve safely made it to Rockhampton. We heard from quarantine that our Doberman, Dutch is “adjusting well” in Sydney. We’re really looking forward to getting her home because we’ve rented a beautiful beach cottage that is dog friendly and is one block away from a dog beach. We can’t wait to see her splashing around in the ocean. I hope everything is going well for you. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

Thanks a billion times over. Please let us know if you are ever in the neighbourhood.

Amanda Rebar
Centre for Physical Activity Studies
Institute for Health and Social Science Research
CQUniversity, Rockhampton, QLD, AUSTRALIA

The Ouren family
March 8, 2013

Hey Michael, we just saw our babies. They made it just fine and were so happy to see us and we were so excited.

We want to thank you and your family for everything you did for our family, you are a true godsend and we will tell everyone we know that if they need their animals flown to get in touch with you.  We cannot thank you enough..
We will talk to you soon.
So many thanks
The Ouren family

Martha and Rafael
February 11, 2013
Dear Michael,

Once again we want to thank you for your care of Rooty and Stella and your persistence in getting them to their final destination.

For sure, we had no idea that when we sent them from their comfortable home in Guatemala that they would be spending 2 weeks in LA. Had I known they were lacking documentation, I would have made sure this was solved prior to their travel. While we were all anxious for their arrival, its the pups that are impacted the most by all the delay and uncertainty.

Thank you for shepherding them safely to Kenya. With Peace Corps, we, along with embassy colleagues, are transfered regularly and we are always needing to safely transport our pets. I will indeed pass your info onto my colleagues for worldwide pet transfers. It’s so important to have someone you trust to do this, as you would know.

Thank you, once again, Michael.

Warm regards from ourselves and Rooty and Stella –
Martha and Rafael

Rafael Olaya
February 08, 2013

A quick note just to let you know that the puppies just got delivered to our house safe and sound after a very long trip.  Thanks for your assistance in making sure they made it here!  These things are never easy, emotionally and otherwise, so thanks for your patience and for putting up with our anxiety.  It’s all behind us now.  THANK YOU!

Maria Racine
December 06, 2012
Hi Mike,

Sorry I’m only now getting back to you… Alfie, my black and white tuxedo kitty that moved to England with your expert coordination and excellent service, is doing very well! Thank you so much! I was also very happy with our experience with PBS in the UK. They got Alfie up to our door in a timely manner and were easy to work with over the phone. I would highly recommend Global Animal Transport and PBS to anyone shopping around for this type of service. I hope you, your wife and all your own precious “kids” have a wonderful holiday season!

Mr. Patrik Blomsten
I had a busy day at customs today but all went well. Thanks a lot for everything, all the animals seemed to be in perfect health and are now in good cages with heat and water.

The border vet, the expert that was there to inspect the animals and all customs officers said that this was the best venomous snake shipment they had ever dealt with. Both packaging and paperwork was very professional they said and wanted me to let everybody that worked with this shipment know that.

Thanks again!

Mrs. Morris
I just wanted to let you know that the pets arrived well and safe. Thank you for all your help. No one else could get the job done, and your services were prompt, efficient and outstandingly professional. We couldn’t have made it with out you!

Jeff Joulet
“In water and eating. They look good. Crew to get pizza.” Photo of Somers and Nimbus safely and happily delivered to Hawaii is attached. Many thanks for your assistance in making it work so smoothly! –jj

Lee-Ann Duligall (New Zealand)
I just wanted to send you my sincere thanks for all the assistance you have provided with the recent transport of Oscar and Cleo to New Zealand. You have no idea have valuable your advice and expertise were to me through the entire process and I would highly recommend you to anyone who was planning to transport beloved pets. We went to visit Oscar and Cleo today at Shado-Lans and it was so reassuring to see how well they looked and how they responded to us.

Again, my heartfelt thanks!

John & Steve (Huntington Beach, CA – now Melbourne, AUS)
We are so grateful to Global Animal Transport for their expert guidance – taking us through the complicated overseas quarantine requirements and developing a seamless plan of quarantine planning, flight departure, arrival at both the overseas airport and quarantine station. This allowed our partially paralyzed Dalmatian, Liza, the maximum of US home stay (5 months) and a brief observation stay (30 days) at the quarantine station – satisfying the required 6 month quarantine period. The moving stress to all of us was greatly reduced before, during and after the quarantine process – for a very happy ending in our new land!

Thank you, Michael and Susan, for not only the expert advice, but also your friendly assurances that everything would indeed be fine for all of us! It was!!!

Todd & Melanie Nine (North Palmerston, New Zealand)
Global Animal Transport is not only professional, but they care about your pets as much as you do. They are also willing to help you every step of the way, working hard to ensure your pets are shipped on time and safely. Their replies to our inquires were prompt, and they also made themselves available to us when we had questions or problems. My husband and I never worried about our animals’ safety when we shipped them, as we knew Global would take excellent care of them. If we ever have to ship animals again, we would only choose Global. They are, without a doubt, the best in the business!

Dr. Bruce A. Beehler – Deputy Zoo Director – Milwaukee County Zoo
Thank you for all of your expertise and services in getting the Jaguar from Belize safely to Milwaukee. We especially appreciated your rapid responses and continuing updates of the situation.

I have forwarded your information regarding the changing USFWS enforcement protocols to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to alert the members. I am sure that Belize also appreciates the info you gave to them regarding their CITES permit.

Many Thanks!

Mary Takaoka and family
I just wanted you all to know that Simba is here in Japan with our Takaoka family now! We are so very thankful for all of your help through all that paperwork. When I thought it was impossible, you all helped me through! And thank you for helping my Mom through it all too!

We are very excited to have our whole family here now!
God’s blessings to you all!

Ian and Alex
Hi Mike

I’m sitting here in our house in Sydney looking at our wonderful dogs …….. who may not have been here without your help. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in sorting out their innoculation problems …….. and getting them shipped to Australia to arrive in such great condition. We really appreciate your help.

Cheers, Ian and Alexkit250kit250

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