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Pet Scams

Beware of Pet Scams

More than 5 years ago, we warned on this website about pet scams!
The problem has not gone away so please read this statement from Michael Foley, President of Global Animal Transport LLC.

BEWARE! You could be scammed by criminals from Cameroon, Africa. If you were given our company name or a synonym of our company name, that is part of their scam. Any search you would do or have done on the Internet would only yield our company name and details. The reason for this is because their scam is to show you a legitimate company so you feel comfortable about sending your money and they can safely hide their deceit until it’s too late.

We are only based in Los Angeles, California and we have no offices anywhere else in the world and no employees outside Los Angeles. The only email addresses and contact telephone numbers we have are those shown on our website. Anything else you’ve been provided with is all false and invalid.

Global Animal Transport is a fully licensed and legitimate animal transport company and we have nothing whatsoever to do with these people and we are working with law enforcement worldwide to stop them.

Do not believe any statements that they make or photographs that they may send you with a thousand different sob stories or reasons for their giving up their pets. There are no pets and no animals of any kind; the only thing that is out there is a criminal and a keyboard and all they want is your money.

Do not under any circumstances send anyone any money, especially if you’re being asked to use Western Union, Money Gram, Green Dot, or any other type of prepaid credit card service. No legitimate animal transport company uses these types of payment services and/or would accept payment via any of them.

Finally, we urge you, for your own safety, to immediately break off all communications with these people and to report this fraud to your local police department and then to www.scamwarners.com and also to the FBI at www.ic3.gov.

Michael Foley

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